Tracy Hirschfeld


Tracy specializes in teaching the principals of classical Pilates to anyone and everyone – including beginners and older learners. With some modifications, Pilates can be practiced at almost any level of physical fitness and at every stage of life.

Tracy started practicing Pilates in her early forties, as a complete fitness novice. She knew that she needed to do something good for her body, but she was never able to follow through and commit to other forms of exercise.

After attending a mat Pilates class once or twice a week for a few years, she was pleasantly surprised at how much core strength, flexibility and stability she was able to gain, with relatively little effort. She was also amazed that she was almost never sore, no matter how challenged she felt during her workouts.

The key was regular practice and mindful attention to the details of each exercise, without mindless repetition. Learning how to move and use one’s body, according to the principles of Pilates, is even more important than the exercises themselves.



New Orleans, LA



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