Marianna Fragiacomo


Originally from Brazil, Marianna Fragiacomo is a certified Pilates instructor, as well as a certified Booty Barre instructor with Tracy Mallet.

Marianna is a graduate from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas, with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Studies & Film Production. She worked on television production in her hometown São Paulo prior to move to San Diego.

Marianna studied dance for 15 years, and was introduced to Pilates in order to complement her dance training. Marianna has had spent the past couple of years rehabilitating injured clients, from ages 12 to 84. She is very understanding of one’s limitations and also encourages her clients to achieve their goals.

Her classes are fun and challenging. She likes to see her clients satisfied with the results of a Pilates lifestyle.

When not teaching, she likes to travel and enjoy the beach with her husband and friends.



São Paulo, Brazil



Side Plank



Le Chef Rouge (in São Paulo) and The Marine Room (La Jolla)