Pilates on the reformer dramatically transforms the way your body looks and feels without building excess bulk.

  • Increase strength, muscle tone and flexibility
  • Improve your body awareness and posture
  • Correct muscle imbalances and get flatter abs
  • Get longer and leaner muscle structure

Reformer – Level One

Beginner level, targeting the smaller body part by focusing on form to sculpt abs, arms and legs. Learn the fundamentals of a Pilates Reformer workout.


Reformer ALL Levels

All levels of Pilates are welcome to join this class, as we will accommodate the exercises according to your needs. We will challenge every part of your body resulting in strong and flat abs, long and lean thighs, a lifted seat, and sculpted arms. And it’s so much fun, you won’t even realize how hard you’re working!


Cardio Sculpt

Shed that layer of fat to unveil your abs: utilize major muscles, find your smaller ones, raise your heart rate, burn calories and tone your whole body!


Restorative Pilates – Level One

A basic Classical Pilates reformer class, geared to the needs of clients 55 plus, but suitable for anyone new to Pilates or in need of a refresher.
All the basic forms will be taught, with emphasis on posture, alignment,
breathing and awareness of engaging each exercise to the core.
Modifications will be offered as needed to accommodate different fitness levels.
This class is appropriate for both women and men of all ages.


Restorative Pilates – All Levels

For those who are familiar with the exercises taught in the Silver Level One class, which introduces the original classical Pilates exercises, and for clients who are ready to take those skills to the next level. We will continue to work on posture, alignment and breathing,
in the context of the original exercises, with emphasis on precision, endurance, strength and flow.
This class is appropriate for both women and men, of all ages.


Ultimate Abs & Buns

Designed to reshape the glute muscles, lift the buns, and develop a toned, curvy backside. This exercise will burn fat as it sculpts sexy legs, hips, thighs, glutes, abs and core. A great workout to isolate and tone those problem areas. If you want rock hard abs, buns of steel and thighs to die for, then this class is for you!

Prerequisite: Pilates Level 1 Reformer


Pre & Postnatal

Pilates during pregnancy increases muscle tone in the legs, back, arms as well as support the muscles of the pelvis, pelvic floor and transverse abdominals to assist labor. The exercises prevent leg cramps and varicose veins by allowing better circulation of your blood and lymphatic system as well as offering balanced flexibility with the ever-changing hormones in the muscles, ligaments and joints. Our instructors understand the changes you are experiencing and can direct exercises to help alleviate discomforts and are trained to know what precautions to take as well as what exercises are most beneficial during pregnancy.

Post-natal benefits of these exercises help to stretch and strengthen chest and back muscles. The front of the body tends to get tight, especially with breast and bottle-feeding, and the back gets weak. Pilates also strengthens the abs correctly so they can go back where they started and then some!!!