Tracy Hirschfeld



Coming to Pilates in her early forties, as a complete fitness novice, Tracy was pleasantly surprised at how much core strength, flexibility and stability she was able to gain, with relatively little effort, but with regular practice and mindful attention to the details of each exercise.

A recent graduate of the Chakra Pilates Teacher Training program,
Tracy is a classically trained singer and pianist. She has been teaching
private music lessons in her University City home studio since 1999. Her
background in vocal music taught her a lot about body mechanics, posture and breath control.

Tracy’s goal in learning to teach Pilates, is to show people that they do not need to be super athletic in order to benefit from the practice of Pilates, and that they can improve their health and quality of life at any age.

Tracy specializes in Classical Pilates, as well as “Silver” classes.


New Orleans, LA

Favorite Exercise:

Short Spine

Favorite Restaurant:

Bread & Cie